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City Map
As the players already know, the campaign takes place in a fictionalized version of Baltimore. Yes, Baltimore.

Here is the territory map for the campaign’s gang factions (and police).

Party Resources
Workshop / Lab (Orangeville Hideout)

Key Locations
Party Hideout (Modified Warehouse) (Orangeville: Near highway 40, east side of map)

Police (Blue)
The police try. They really do. But Baltimore was a shitty place to be a cop to start with.
Then there was the Springfield Incident and being a cop turned into hell.
Uniform: Wears standard police uniforms. Peacekeepers wear what looks to be a mix of spandex and a mesh weave armor, similar to Kevlar.

Bloodhounds (Red)
Their symbol is a doberman. The Bloodhounds are, generally speaking, non-powered.
They’ve been around a long, long time and control a lot of territory, and have a strong reputation.
They’re involved in a bit of everything: Drugs, weapons, robbery, everything.
Uniform: Tends towards a mix of black and blood red, but the style itself varies with the individual.

Wasps (Yellow)
Their symbol is a… wasp. They’re metas that are likely related at least partially to the Ferals.
As the name implies, they tend towards being a bit insectoid. They’re new, too, but gaining power rapidly.
They don’t seem to have any clear goals other than “get money” and “wreck shit”, which really hurts their PR.
Uniform: Tend to wear black and yellow outfits and sunglasses. Higher ups, like the Yellowjackets, wear black and yellow jackets with stylized black wasp heads on the back. (Kind of similar in appearance to the Predacon insignia from Beast Wars.)

Druids (Green)
Their symbol is a tree. Know how the Nature Freaks were pretty accepting hippy mutants? Not the Druids.
The Druids are rat bastards. Their focus is on making and selling drugs. Though they’re a new group.
Of course, they’re rat bastards that have a large number of addicted ‘customers’ supplying them with income…
Uniform: Druids wear any damn thing, though most low ranking members wear torn up crap. Everyone wears at least one article of green, however, clearly visible. Typically a shirt, pants or a bandana.

Gadgeteers (Purple)
Their symbol is a purple gear. Assumed to be a small group, but their members are hard to track.
They don’t control a lot of territory, but have a large number of factories at their beck and call.
They seem to focus on electronic crimes and gunrunning.
Uniform: While lacking a faction wide style, most Gadgeteers cover a great deal of skin. They tend to wear sunglasses, gloves, coats, etc. regardless of the weather. Some of them wear black coats with purple ‘tron lines’ to more clearly express their allegiance.

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