(Copy-pasted from previous campaign.)

Magic in this setting stems from a source, granting specific powers to those attuned to it. The source could be a magical artifact, a location or even an ideal.

Some sources have stricter conditions on who’s ‘attuned’ to it then others. Magical artifacts can often be used by anyone, where as an ideal only grants powers to those who strive for it.

The power of a person’s magical abilities also stem from how close they are to their power source.

  • If a location grants you powers – for example, a sacred mountain you are sworn to protect – your powers will significantly weaken the further you go from the location.
  • If your powers come from an ideal, such as purity, you will lose power if you do things that… aren’t pure. (What constitutes ‘pure’ depends more on the specific ideal in question.)
  • If your powers come from an artifact, you usually have to either touch (or be in the presence of) the artifact relatively often or actually be holding the artifact in order to use the powers.

So in this setting, religion can very easily grant magical powers. Except if the religion in question believes magical powers to be evil, because gaining the powers would be moving the character further away from the ideal that grants them, the paradox simply cancels itself out so that the ideal never grants magic in the first place.

This is why the Magic power is restricted: All of the powers granted by magic are more concrete then that. They’re just typical powers with the ‘magic’ descriptor.

  • The Hellhounds receive magical power from The Pit, a lava filled hole in their backyard, so they have control over Hellfire. They grow weaker the further from the Pit they go.
  • The Nature Freaks receive magical power from nature, so they can control plants and communicate with animals. They grow weaker if they’re away from plant and wildlife.
  • The Figments are powered by the ideal of ‘dream’. The Figments are more powerful when their summoner dreams of them. Specifically, if the summoner experiences nightmares (or emotions that are often associated with nightmares, such as fear), the nightmarish Figments grow stronger.

It should be noted that people, just like places, can be sources of magic. Often this is due to faith or belief. A national hero – for example, someone like Achilles – may be an ordinary person in other circumstances, but because a large number of people believe he can’t be injured (and, for the sake of this explanation, he was a magical power source) he gained incredible Toughness.


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