A ghost that 'haunts' the party's HQ. Ally.


Psion Psychic (Telepath) Lv3 Controller
STR 8, CON 14, DEX 12, INT 16, WIS 16, CHA 14
Size: Medium, Speed: 6, Fly 6 (Hover), Fly 9 (Overland)
Skills: Arcana (9), Bluff (8), History (11), Insight (6), Intimidate (8)
Initiative: +4, Exp: 150, Action Points: 0
HP: 46 / 46, Bloodied: 23, [ ] Healing Surge (11 HP)
AC: 17; Fort: 16; Reflex: 16; Will: 17
Clairvoyance: You gain a +2 racial bonus to Initiative checks
Telepathy: You can communicate mentally with any creature up to 10 squares away from you that has a language. This communication is two way.
Mind Shield: You have Resist 5 Psychic.
Ghost: Intangible, Phasing. Resist 5 Necrotic.

Power Overview:
Misty really can’t hurt people. She can trick them into hurting themselves, possibly, and also distract them to make them easier targets, but she cannot hurt them.
That being said, she’s pretty damn hard to hurt.


Misty… is dead. No is sure quite how long she’s been dead, or how long she’s been hanging around the party’s base, until she started showing herself to everyone one day. Apparently she was a school girl before she died.

Misty has a very simple motivation: She’s bored. Incredibly bored. She’s been dead and alone long enough that she’ll do anything if it means actually getting some attention and mental stimulation, which is likely why she’s okay hanging out with super villains.

She typically watches over the base with Doll. They ‘secretly’ watch My Little Pony and Transformers while no one else is around.


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