Gothic lolita girl that animates puppets. Ally.


Meta (Agile) Summoner (Overlord, Orb of Command) Lv3 Controller
STR 10, CON 12, DEX 14, INT 10, WIS 16, CHA 16
Size: Medium, Speed: 6
Skills: Bluff (9), Insight (9), Nature (9), Perception (9), Stealth (5)
Skill Training: Acrobatics (10), Thievery (8)
Initiative: +3, Exp: 150, Action Points: 0
HP: 44 / 44, Bloodied: 22, [ ] Healing Surge (11 HP)
AC: 17; Fort: 14; Reflex: 16; Will: 17

Power Overview:
Creates a horde of weak minions. She can’t deal a lot of damage, but is good at slowing the enemy’s advance and keeping them busy.


Just a couple years ago, Doll and her sister Mary were basically carnies. On top of that, they had a routine: Mary had a ‘sexy’ angle, Doll had an innocent act, and they’d steal to make a living.

Then they developed powers. Doll could animate the toys she learned to make and Mary could control minds… And Mary got the bright idea to move up in the world by going from petty theft to grand theft. Doll got dragged along for the ride.

Doll always wanted to take the Starscream approach to Marionette. She’s happy the party gave her the chance.

Other Skills:
Doll can make clothes, which she enjoys doing. If you need something custom made, she’s the girl to ask.


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