In Game Information
For information related to the game, such as current gang territory and party resources, check the wiki page.

This campaign takes place in the same setting as my previous M&M campaign: Please Don’t Probe Me!
It takes place several years after the Springfield Event, as the world slowly adjusts to the sudden influx of supers.

The party is a group of relatively low powered villains who are largely considered below the notice of most superheroes and considered little more than potential henchmen by super villains.

But you’ll show them, you’ll show them ALL!

Note that the campaign will be using a homebrew conversion of 4e. I’m still working on the conversion, but it’s in a playable state through Heroic Tier.

Game Structure
Most sessions will start with a Session Plot, a one or two sentence problem or goal for the party to deal with. What it means to the party and how they deal with it is up to the party to figure out. Villains are meant to be more proactive than heroes, after all.

What the Plots are and how long they take may vary. It may only fill twenty minutes, it may take three sessions. It could be something mundane or fantastic, such as “We accidentally left our villain costumes in our civilian dry cleaning!”, “Our rent is due!”, “A super villain team wants to strong arm us into being minions”, or “Crap, resident mad scientist’s device melted down and did something weird…”

Feel free to suggest plot ideas (preferably in advance). It’ll be something of a ‘draw names from a hat’ sort of thing…

There will be various time skips between session plots, since the campaign is going to have more of an episodic feel. This also helps in case you get any prison sentences.

Character Creation
Character Level: 3

Keep in mind that the PCs should be at least a little quirky. There’s no point in playing a feared combat monster with a personality like a brick. At this level, it’s not feasible. Also, it will be vetoed on account of combat not being the focus of the campaign. Now, playing a mildly powerful fighter that THINKS they’re a feared combat monster? That has potential.

Don’t be afraid to come up with an off the wall concept. Here’s a couple suggestions: Evil toddler that steals candy from adults. Mad scientist Brony. Caffeine addicted speedster.

Also see the notes of Magic in this campaign.

Everyone's A Hero

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